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On this page you’ll find  links to people and organizations offering workshops,  teleseminars, newsletters, and other resources for personal growth and relationship enrichment.

Personal Growth from SelfGrowth.com– SelfGrowth.com is the most complete guide to information about Personal Growth on the Internet.

celebofloveCelebrations of Love has been teaching the art of love and intimacy since 1980. Our teachers provide safe environments for you to explore the realms of intimacy, sacred sexuality and spirituality and to connect with other like-minded souls. Drawing from contemporary psychology and ancient traditions, we teach extraordinary loving for everyday people. We invite you to experience more love, community, and sacredness in your life and in your relationships.


LifeDance Center offers workshops and counseling in Sacred   Union for lovers.    Their purpose is to help partners clarify their journey as a couple;  transform pain into healing;  deepen intimacy and revitalize and renew the spark and keep it burning for life.

Scott_with_MarilynCompassionate Communication with Scott Catamas Scott uses nonviolent communication (NVC) to help people discover ways of communicating that bring ease and mutually rewarding solutions to all their relationships.

Love Prints Relationship Coaching Love, sex and relationship coach, Nikki Leigh, as well as other romance and sex experts, blog about all aspects of relationships.  Nikki also offers a course on how you can become a   certified love coach.


EDEN FANTASYS A huge array of sex toys,  sexy lingerie,     videos, audios, lubricants, condoms, party favors, adult DVDs, a, audios, videos, literature and more………………….

  GOOD VIBRATIONS: The best in sex toys and sex ed, including guidance on sexual health and wellness.

For Bonnie Gabriel’s selections of the best books and games to bring zest, fun, romance, passion and intimacy to your relationship go to her Boutique for Lovers.

To discover the most innovative, insightful books on relationships, sexuality, and intimate connection available at Amazon, go to Bonnie’s Amazon Bookstore.