About Bonnie: Personally Speaking

Bonnie Gabriel Bonnie Gabriel

I’ve always resonated with the beauty of sound – sensual voices, delicate poetry, exquisite melodies, eloquent and expressive lyrics, etc. This passion, combined with my training as a counseling psychologist and educator inspired me to explore the many ways that lovers heighten their desire and deepen their intimacy through words and voice tone. So, several years ago,  I began conducting workshops on the topic for such diverse organizations as The Learning Annex, The National Sexuality Symposium, U.C. Berkeley, City College of San Francisco, California Business Women’s Conference, Mensa, Whole Life Expo and numerous educational centers and community groups.

My Random House book, The Fine Art of Erotic Talk: How to Entice, Excite and Enchant Your Lover with Words. has been excerpted in Cosmopolitan, Fitness Magazine, Woman’s Own and Complete Woman.  I also created a 14 page manual, “Your Daily Verbal Aphrodisiac” and a soon to be released Kindle book, Verbal Charisma and Love Talk.    Random House recently released an updated version of The Fine Art of Erotic Talk, in both print and electronic book formats.