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Announcing my brand new Kindle book - just published January 30th, 2014 
by Bonnie Gabriel
This new Amazon Kindle book is just $2.99, but is filled with guidance and inventive tips on ways to create a sensual bond with a prospective new partner and to revitalize and deepen the romantic connection with a long-term lover.
Among the things you will learn:
  • Subtle, discreet and creative ways to pique the interest of a potential new lover.
  • How to “personalize” and “sensualize” your feelings of attraction
  • How to flirt with flair
  • How to encourage your partner to express more affection
  • How to use your natural shyness and feelings of vulnerability to create intimacy.

Here’s a tidbit:
Personalize Your Expression of Attraction: Notice a quality about the person that you find particularly appealing. Perhaps it’s the warmth in his smile; the color of her eyes, the lilt in his voice; her wit, his charm; etc. (If possible, try to initially focus on a non-physical quality.  It signals to the person that you’re not simply interested in their physical appearance but in their essence.

Now, express your attraction, but instead of saying “You’ve got beautiful eyes, or you have a great smile”, or “you’re very funny”, use “I” – “I love your eyes”, “I like your smile”, “I love the way your mind works”. When you begin your complimentary expression with “I” instead of “you”, you personalize rather than objectify your contact with the man or woman of your desire. By so doing you can begin to create a flow of intimate energy between the two of you from your very first contact.

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