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Would you like to have at the tip of your tongue a myriad of words and phrases to help you attract a new romance, ignite a long-term relationship with excitement and fire or deepen the erotic bond between you and your lover?

Would you like to easily express the full range of your romantic and erotic feelings in words that arouse and delight your partner? Then you’ll love this handy manual by Bonnie Gabriel, author of

The Fine Art of Erotic Talk:
How to Entice, Excite & Enchant Your Lover with Words
(Random House)

For just $5 you’ll receive 180 days (6 months) worth of romantic and erotic words and phrases to use with your lover. (That’s about 7 cents a day.) This 15 page e-manual of delicious sensual sayings can be downloaded from the web or sent to you in hard copy form via the postal service. You’ll receive phrases of:

heart Erotic appreciation and validation

heart Sensual feedback (creative ways to let your lover know how you’re enjoying his or her lovemaking)

heart Erotic requests (expressing your wants and needs in ways that arouse your partner)

heartErotic questioning (sexy ways to find out how to please your partner and fine tune your lovemaking to maximize pleasure

heart Graphic sex talk (creative ways to give expression to your lusty, earthy feelings)

heart Erotic nurturing (how to be sensual and soothing, steamy hot and healing)

heart Fantasizing (provocative phrases to encourage sexual fantasy-sharing)

heart Erotic power play (words of dominance and surrender)

heart Erotic disclosure (sensual ways to express vulnerable feelings related to your sexuality)

heart Erotic devotion, communion and commitment (passionate ways to express profound feelings of love and a profound sense of connection)

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