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by bonnie on June 3, 2011


I’m very excited to tell you about a FREE telesummit JUST FOR MEN ….and the women who love them.  It’s long overdue and much needed!   And while it’s focused on men, it will also profoundly help us, women, to understand the men in our lives better – be they sons, husbands, fathers or lovers.

The Awakened Man Summit has already begun, but it continues until June 30th.  it features 18 awakened men sharing  the insights, experiences, tools and techniques they have used to move from the old model of manhood into the new model..

Let’s face it: The old model isn’t working. The old way of being a man leads to divisiveness, competition, aggression, and isolation. The new model is life-sustaining, creative, and generative. The Awakened Man creates beauty and goodness in the world while also creating true abundance in his life!

In the Awakened Man Summit, you’ll discover how18 Awakened Men made the transition from the old model to the new model. And the entire summit is totally free!

Here are just some of the teachers you’ll learn from and the insights and tools they’ll share  with you during the Energetics of TRUE Abundance:

Sam Keen, author of the bestselling Fire in the Belly: On Being a Man and one of the catalysts of the modern men’s movement will share his insights and tools for discovering your purpose as a man.

Andrew Harvey, bestselling author of The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism will share how Sacred Activism is an vehicle for integrating Masculine and Feminine energies in a powerful, generative way and how to become a Sacred Activist in your life – even if you’re not an activist.

– You’ll receive a Theta-Healing “Download” from master-healer Brent Phillips that will open you to the possibility that there is another way,an awakened way, of being a man in the world.

– Arjuna Ardagh, bestselling author and co-creator of the Conscious Men Manifesto will share how devoting yourself to a woman can open you to your purpose, your passion and your power.

– Marc Allen, author of The Millionaire Course, will share his story and what it took for him to  move into the new model of manhood that allowed him to follow his guidance, make a massive, positive difference in the world and create a life of true abundance.

– Jeff Brown, author of Soulshaping: A Journey of Self-Creation, former criminal laywer and psychotherapist is also the author of the very popular “Apologies to the Divine Feminine“, which we recently posted on this blog, and the companion piece, “Apologies to the Divine Masculine”. He will share his journey from archetypal male warrior to a more surrendered path.


And that’s just a small part of what you’ll experience as a participant in the Awakened Man Summit!  When you register for the summit you’ll have free access to all of the live sessions as well as the 48-hour streaming replays.

Also, just for signing up, you’ll receive over $200 worth of bonus gifts from the faculty.   To do so, click on the link below:  

Awakened Man Summit

I’m definitely going to listen to as many of these live sessions as possible. I hope you can join me for this intensive  transformational program!

                               Joyful loving,

                                Bonnie G.



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