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This site is dedicated to all those who wish to explore new ways to give voice to the full spectrum of their experience as a lover – in body, mind, heart and spirit.

May the resources you find on these pages open your imagination to the myriad possibilities in the magic of making love with words.©


How to Benefit from This Site

Gathered on these pages you will find links to the best books (including my highly selective Amazon bookstore recommendations) and special electronic books and   board games for enhancing your skills and intensifying your enjoyment as a lover.  You’ll also have access to literature offering exceptionally effective communication techniques for expressing your deepest longings and desires.

You will also find descriptions of my best selling Random House book: The Fine Art of Erotic Talk and my e- book manual, Your Daily Verbal Aphrodisiac: Sensual Suggestions and Romantic Enticements

What’s more, you’ll  find information on my brand new Kindle book:
Verbal Charisma & Love Talk:  How to Use Words to Attract a Lover and Pave the Way to a Passionate Connection. 

And you’ll find updates on the progress of  two volumes of Bonnie’s Best Blogs covering such topics as

  • The Subtlety and Variety of Erotic Talk
  • Erotic Talk:  Overcoming Fear and Shyness
  • Erotic Empathy
  • Erotic Appreciation
  • Passionate Play
  • Sensually Speaking:  Your Voice
  • and many more

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The Fine Art of Erotic Talk:
How to Entice, Excite and Enchant Your Lover With Words
(Random House) by Bonnie Gabriel

In this book Bonnie will help you enhance your verbal skills in the following areas:

  • Dating tips – creating attraction and connection, overcoming shyness, romantic communication, safe sex talk
  • Relationship tips – deepening intimacy, expressing romantic and sexual desires, unleashing your erotic imagination
  • Marriage enhancement – rekindling passion, opening new avenues for romance, sustaining erotic bonds through the years


In Bonnie Gabriel’s book, The Fine Art of Erotic Talk, she offers dating tips and tools, communication and relationship skills, and marriage enhancement; and guides you in creating intimacy, increasing sensuality, and enriching your sexual experience with your lover.

For a more detailed description of  this book and the full table of contents,  click here.


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