Erotic Troubadours – Part 2

by bonnie on February 5, 2010

In this blog post we continue to celebrate the bards of both blissful and bawdy love poems, especially those who combine elements of the sacred with the profane.   If you enjoy erotic poetry, and missed part one of this post,  you may  read it by clicking on this link:    Erotic Troubadours – Part 1.

Why not share your favorites with your Valentine?  Who knows what wondrous delights these delicious words may inspire…………


By Selene Steese

Come kiss me in the hot, green morning.
Let lust grow between us like the sprouting
of tender shoots after the earth nurses
at the nipple of the sky.

Come lay hands on me, and don’t be shy.
Put into your fingertips all of your wanting.
Let me feel your need in every pucker, whorl,
and ridge of skin.

Come slip inside me, where you have always been.
Sing to me your melody of grunts and sighs,
coos and cries. Of laughter, full and soft
and unashamed.

Come ride me to where the setting sun, aflame,
sinks into the blue-black ocean, yet the fire
remains–crackles, singes, scorches you almost
to the brink of pain. Brings you and brings you
and brings you up and down and up and down
and up again.



By Bill Noble

Let me drink from that chalice
of such wondrous design
as I lovingly hold it
my mouth filled with your wine
a sacrament to love’s grace

ambrosia, so sweet and rare
let me be transformed by it
loves alchemy, dross to gold
let me drink of it deeply

I want to kiss the pink pearl…
that adorns its, delicate rim
to polish it till it glows
a labor of love, freely given

such a quest to find it
the grail of my heart
a  treasure to fill my dreams
elusive goal, that consumes me

let me worship the goddess
at the altar tween your thighs
on my knees, sweet surrender
to a force so divine

let me be love’s servant
bearer of the message of desire
to whisper my prayers to her
to burn with celestial fire

Let’s Have Sex

(From a reader.  Name withheld at her request)

Stormy, darky, stifling, scary…sex
Sunny, swelty, melty, sweaty…sex
Hungry, fraying, drained, fragile…sex
Sleepy, softy, comfy, cozy…sex
Smooth, vigorous, flexing, budding…sex
Frailty, wrinkly, fading, worn…sex
Angry, faulty, grasping, searing…sex
Intimate, coupled, synched, obliging…sex

I’m writing poems on you

By Lenore Kandel

I’m writing poems on you
All these kisses small bites my hands on you
My tongue tracing starfish on your skin
That’s what I’m doing
I’ve hardly begun
There’s a history of springtime I want to lick across your groin
A sparrow song behind your left ear
Dawn on a mountain across your toes
My cunt is lined with love songs
And I’m scrawling valentines along your cock
It feels so good right now to be a woman, to be a poet
Wait! I’ll tell you about it all the way up your spine.

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