Erotic Troubadours – Part 1

by bonnie on January 24, 2010

Erotic poetry comes in many permutations – from the sweet and lyrical to the raw and raunchy.     My favorite erotic poems combine these elements, intermingling the reverent with the lascivious, the sacred with the carnal.

Here are four poems from my favorite erotic balladeers that express this interplay with exquisite artistry.   If you click on the name of each of these divine minstrels of love and lust, you will access their website.

Note:  In future blog posts, I’ll be giving you tips on how to become an erotic troubadour,  yourself – even if you don’t consider yourself a poet or a master of the spoken word.   It’s easier than you think!   Meanwhile, use these stunning examples to ignite your fire.  And,  if you have a lover, do share them with him or her.   It may inspire you to to new depths of passion and intimacy.

To Whom It May Concern

by David Steinberg

I will open you
petal by petal
taking all the time in the world.
I will build with you a slow fire
stick by stick
and watch the color of your sunrise.
I will play with the wind of you,
cover your body with smiles and games,
promises and fantasies that disappear
without a trace.
I will stir your secret core,
witches’ brew of potions and incantations
and feel you simmering, rolling
floating in my hand.
I will fill you slowly up,
every crevice and curve,
watch feel hear smell taste you
growing full.

And when every part of you is one,
when you are saturated, suspended,
water trembling over the brim,
I will ride with you over the falls
drown with you
disappear all boundaries
tumble over and over
and over and over
until there is only the spinning dizzy
dance beyond dancing
and the great wave crashing to bits
everything, leaving us
strewn with the seaweed
in the sand and the sun
to dry.

Poetry’s My Lover

by Selene Steese

I dress for my lover
in lace draped across
the curve of my hip.

I slip into raw silk
feeling as though
I am clothed only
in my lover’s soft kisses.

Just a few words from Poetry
shiver through me
from scalp to toes
from knees to nose
from nether mouth
to nipples.

Poetry drops into me
and ripples, ripples, ripples.

I don’t have a G spot.
I have an ink spot
and Poetry knows exactly
where it is.

Nobody loves me
like Poetry.

Even though I am only one
of Poetry’s hundred million lovers,
I know what we have
is special.

We do an oh-so-slow
bump and grind
until we’re both about
to lose our minds–
until we’re lying,
perspiring, spent
arms and legs entwined,
still seeking that dry silk
friction of skin
on skin.

Poetry’s my lover
and Poetry comes to me
in the backseats of hansom cabs
underneath tables
in Chinese restaurants
riding bareback
down a country lane.

I don’t care what anybody says–
I do it right out in the open with Poetry.

When it comes to loving Poetry,
what I know is this:
when Poetry’s inside me,
every molecule sings
and each cell writhes
in bliss.

Pink Orchid

by William Ira  Boucher

pink orchid of love
fragrant flower so rare
of desire’s full bloom
nestled in that glade
below your mossy rise

my tongue, a hummingbird
hungry for passions nectar
hovering above you, wanting
to drink so deep, and long
till my thirst is quenched

my hungry heart is filled
but for a short blissful time
then hungry again, takes wing
to drink deeply of you again
sweet pink orchid of desire

God/Love Poem

by Lenore Kandel

there are no ways of love but / beautiful /
I love you all of them
I love you / your cock in my hands
stirs like a bird
in my fingers
as you swell and grow hard in my hand
forcing my fingers open
with your rigid strength
you are beautiful / you are beautiful
you are a hundred times beautiful
I stroke you with my loving hands
pink-nailed long fingers
I caress you
I adore you
my finger-tips…   my palms…
your cock rises and throbs in my hands
a revelation / as Aphrodite knew it

there was a time when gods were purer
/ I can recall nights among the honeysuckle
our juices sweeter than honey
/ we were the temple and the god entire/

I am naked against you
and I put my mouth on you            slowly
I have longing to kiss you
and my tongue makes worship on you
you are beautiful

your body moves to me
flesh to flesh
skin sliding over golden skin
as mine to yours
my mouth            my tongue    my hands
my belly and my legs
against your mouth   your love
our bodies move and join

your face above me
is the face of all the gods
and beautiful demons
your eyes…

love touches love
the temple and the god
are one

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