The Subtlety and Variety of Erotic Talk

by bonnie on October 29, 2009

Many people initially think of “talking dirty” when they hear the words “erotic talk”.   But as I explain in my book The Fine Art of Erotic Talk: How to Entice, Excite and Enchant Your Lover with Words (Random House),  the phrase means so much more than that.

Certainly at well-timed moments, lusty, sexy words and phrases can ignite your passion and spice up your lovemaking.   But other times, when the quality of your desire is more playful or tender,  you may wish to access words that more accurately match your feelings.  Or you may be feeling appreciative, wanting to validate your partner’s exquisite skill as a lover.   Similarly,  there may be other moments when you would like to express the depth of emotional or spiritual connection you experience with your partner.

You may even sense a combination of feelings – passion, tenderness, appreciation, awe, in the same moment.  Is it possible to find words that include these seemingly disparate emotions?   The answer is an emphatic yes!  What’s more,  you don’t have to be what I call an “erotic troubadour” or verbal virtuoso to do so.

In the weeks and months to come, I’ll be writing more about the different kinds of erotic talk in depth.  Meanwhile,  For a quick overview of the many different kinds of erotic talk I describe in my book and my manual, go to my previous blog post Your Daily Verbal Aphrodisiac.    And if you are new to expressing your sensuality with words, and are feeling a bit shy,  check out my blog post  Overcoming Fear and Shyness.

Since “Words for Lovers also includes guidance on how partners can communicate in ways that cultivate intimacy and deep connection in their relationship, I’ll also be devoting future blog posts to this topic, as well.

May your love life be radiant and fulfilling.

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